About us

selfvendor.com is a popular classified website. Here you can sell or purchase any product/service very easily.
Features of our website:

1. This site allows you to sell any kind of new or old item very easily. You need to sell or buy something new / used. No problem because we brought www.selfvendor.com to you. Here you will add your product and sell it at your fixed price. Not just selling, if you need any new or used product, then please visit our Self Vendor, pick the products you need and talk to the salesperson to buy the product of your choice.

2. Does your shop or company need to hire staff? You can then submit a recruitment notice for your company on our site. Moreover, unemployed brothers and sisters are going out for a lack of jobs, cannot find jobs, so by visiting our site, you can find your favorite job. And these benefits will be completely free. Self Vendor does not have to pay for this.

3. You can sell any class and course. If you have any specialized experience you can create video tutorials on web design, SEO, Microsoft Office, Secondary Mathematics - English, as well as various topics and topics. And you can sell your video class at a discounted price by listing it on Self Vendor. And if you want to learn something adventurous, you can visit our site and buy your favorite video lesson. Through which you can fulfill your dreams.

4. You can advertise for accommodation, such as land purchase, flat sale, house rent, office or store rent. Do you need to sell or rent land, flats, homes, shops, offices, etc? Then you can give notice on our site for sale or rent of your land, flats, houses, shops, offices. And sell at a discounted price. And those who need to buy these properties. They can buy/rent your land, flats, houses, shops, offices, etc. by visiting our site.

5. If you have good expertise in a variety of topics, you may be able to provide or receive services by listing on our selfvendor.com based on your expertise. You can provide any kind of service based on your expertise through our website.

6. Listing for any type of community activities, events, musicians - artists - bands, volunteers, losers and getaways.

7. Friendship - Activity partners ... Lost relationships, use our website to find someone. Listen to selfvendor.com with the description of the lost box to find out who lost your brother. And find your missing box.

Registration and advertising on our web site are very easy and completely free.

So, do not delay the listing of selfvendor.com as you need it now.


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